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The Single MOST Important Travel Gadget for Photographers

Being a travel photographer means being minimalistic but never sacrifice your workflow even when out in the field. This gadget has made it seamless for me to shoot and edit photos on the go same as at home on my laptop.

Most Important Travel Photography Gadgets

Have you ever gone to edit photos taken from your camera and noticed the file size is compressed?

Or maybe that your camera only allows the transfer of 100 photos per time over Bluetooth connection?

Or that your camera screen is too small to see the variations in your photo and you end up transferring all photos to go through later?

Your photos are shot in RAW but end up on your phone in JPEG format?

Well my answer to all of these is a simple fifteen dollar gadget purchased from Amazon or any big box retailer.

I came across this item when I was hiking the Appalachian Trail in 2021. I was hiking the trail with my Sony A7III Mirrorless Camera and still relatively new to travel photography.

Like all cameras today, the Sony A7III has an option to transfer photos through the Image Edge Mobile app which I was using. Prior to hiking the trail I typically inserted the SD card into my laptop at home and imported to Lightroom.

What I noticed the first week on the trail was that the images going into Lightroom on my phone were around 850kb but the RAW files I typically work with to edit are over 24MB. That's a HUGE difference and it was clear as day in my edits.

Photographers choose to shoot RAW files over JPEG files for the extra editing capabilities. I knew JPEG photos shot from my Sony A7III were still over 7MB so these files coming from the Bluetooth camera app connection were severely compressing the files.

After a few hours of research when I hit my first town in Georgia I discovered that the answer to these problems was a simple solution.

The gadget is called an SD Card Reader for iPhone.

This allows you to import photos and videos in the full format including RAW files from your camera's SD card to your iPhone Camera Roll. From there it's only a matter of importing to Lightroom and you will have full editing capabilities.

The SD Card Reader is incredibly small, compact, and lightweight making it the perfect accessory to have for on the go shooting and editing.

Take a look here and you can buy at the link below too!

In the market for more SD cards to up your storage capabilities?

My recommendation here are the SanDisk 128GB with 170mbs writing capabilities to handle 4K footage.

Take a look here!

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