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25 Hiking Gadgets and Gear Items Under 25 Dollars

A comprehensive list of what hikers actually need in the backcountry all for under $25 each!

25 Hiking Gadgets and Gear Pieces Under 25 Dollars

1 - A Sawyer Water Filter Mini

Go with the most popular brand amongst backpackers to ensure clean water in the backcountry!

2 - A Lightweight Knife

Because anything bigger to cut meats, cheeses, and avocados is just overkill!

3 - A Reliable AND Rechargeable Headlamp

Petzl is the industry leader in reliable hiking and camping headlamps which are an essential tool for all users in the backcountry. Have no concerns for spending so little with this dependable brand!

4 - The Toughest Pair Of Socks You'll Ever Own

True to the name Darn Tough socks may very well be your last ever pair of hiking socks. With their lifetime warranty and simple replacement process your money will go the furthest - quite literally from all those miles you'll be hiking!

5 - A Simple Hat That Does The Trick

Carhartt makes a beanie that's perfect for cold mornings and evenings around camp for a very affordable price. You'll thank yourself later when your ears and head are covered in warmth.

6 - A Pair Of Gaiters

Stop those pesky pebbles from entering your hiking boots and trail runners with a simple solution, universal fitting gaiters!

7 - Trekking Poles Because Even Expensive Pairs Break

It's an outdoor debate as old as time, or probably trekking poles. Do you need expensive trekking poles? No. If you want them, get them, but an under $25 pair from the reputable Cascade Mountain Tech brand will do just as well.

8 - KT Tape To Fix Everything

Like duct tape with more uses, KT tape can come in handy in the most creative ways. The most important is for those on the mountain injuries. It's also patched my gear, covered my wounds, and resealed bags.

9 - Hydration Packets For Advanced Rehydration

A hydration packet with great flavors, real sugar, and scientific technology that you can feel. Keep these in your day pack and full pack at all times in case of emergency and enjoy as needed too!

10 - Carbs and Caffeine

The perfect breakfast for those hitting the trail right after they pack up camp. These also make for the perfect afternoon uphill boost!

11 - A Portable Power Bank

Don't get caught with a dying headlamp or needing to use your backup paper maps in the woods, this power bank will charge your phone multiple times on your next trip. It's also from the most reliable brand in charging electronics!

12 - A Life Saving Emergency Bivvy

Bringing this with you on a simple winter day hike could end up saving your life. It's small, compact, and lightweight. SOL is an ironic name for emergency gear but with this brand you'll be anything but Sh*t Out of Luck!

13 - A Trowel For Cathole Diggin

Because when you gotta go, you gotta go!

14. A Backcountry French Press

Those who enjoy a relaxing morning at camp better not be drinking instant, that would be a shame. Upgrade your mornings in style and flavor with this French press made to be packed away with the rest of your gear!

15. Something To Actually Repel Insects

Spray on clothes and gear once for weeks of insect protection that actually works! Brought to you from the same Sawyer that makes those universally trusted water filters so this is sure to be the go to brand here as well.

16 - Sea-to-Summit Dry Bags

This brand makes the best lightweight backpacking dry bags for a price that can't be beat. Other than keeping gear dry these can be used for hanging food, pack organization, and a comfy stuff sack pillow at night.

17 - Inflatable Lightweight Pillow

A pillow can make all the difference especially in the backcountry. Treat yourself to a few extra ounces of pleasure and skip the stuff sack pillow with this incredible inflatable pillow for your next night in the woods.

18 - A Ground Cloth Made For A House

This lightweight, waterproof, and insulating material is trusted on houses all across the world so it ought to be trusted for a nights sleep under a tent.

19 - A Platypus Water Bag

Don't run out of water in those long dry stretches this year! This Platypus water bag will hold up to 2 liters of water and take up less space and weight than any water bottle could!

20 - Fairy Lights Because Why Not?

Spruce up your tent or campsite with these battery operated portable string lights. They'll surely make for a great atmosphere in camp and brighten up those campsite photos around the fire!

21 - A Portable Air Mattress Inflator

It's never fun getting lightheaded trying to blow up those three inch camping air mattresses. Instead get this rechargeable gadget to do it for you! It also makes for a great tool for stoking the fire with oxygen!

22 - A Bowl That Takes Up No Room

This collapsible bowl and mug set made from reliable manufacturer Sea-to-Summit is lightweight and durable. No need to play Tetris neatly trying to stack your mess kit together to fit in your pack anymore!

23 - A Lightweight Towel

Keeping warm and dry is the key to happiness when camping. Pack Towel makes some of the best quality lightweight and quick drying towels and cloths on the market. A universal item in the outdoors!

24 - AllTrails Pro Subscription

Never get lost in the woods again with a subscription to AllTrails Pro! Pro features let you download maps for offline guidance and can GPS direct you in real-time.

25 - A Massage Ball

Made from lightweight cork material this massage ball is sure to help those aches and pains after a full day of hiking. Perfect for those on a multi-day trip who have to leave the massage chair at home!

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