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The Best Waterfall Hike in the Adirondacks

OK Slip Falls is the perfect destination hike located in the southern portion of the Adirondacks and is accessible year-round. Take a break from bagging High Peaks with this relaxing waterfall hike!

Best Waterfall Hike in the Adirondacks OK Slip Falls

About the Hike

I've hiked OK Slip Falls twice now, once in the spring and once in the summer and both times have been amazing!

The Adirondacks and the Northeast aren't as popular for chasing waterfalls as their Pacific Northwest counter part but this hike stacks up to some of the great ones of that region.

The trailhead is located along Route 28 about ten miles north of the Gore Mountain ski village of North Creek.

The trail is an out and back style hike with minimal elevation change over the three miles it takes to reach the upper falls view point.

OK Slip Falls

The official trail ends here at the overlook but a herd path going down the side of the cliffs can be followed to the base of the falls. This path has ropes attached to trees to assist in places that are steep. This should only be attempted by experienced hikers.

The path will drop out at the pond below the stream and you can then rock hop or walk over the snow and ice depending on season upwards to the falls.

In the winter the waterfall acts as a giant snowmaker from the mist it blows out creating giant snow and ice mounds that last far into spring even when all other snow in the area has melted off.

OK Slip Falls:

Distance: 6.7 Miles

Type: Out & Back

Ascent: 1,013 feet

OK Slip Falls Adirondacks Waterfall

If you're looking to extend your hike further you can also hike to Ross Pond, Whortleberry Pond, and Big Bad Luck Pond. These three ponds use the same split off from the OK Slip Falls trail a half mile in from the road.

The three ponds trail is less travelled than the main falls trail but is a great option if you want more solitude, Ross Pond was my favorite of the three.

OK Slip Falls Adirondacks Waterfall

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Getting There and Important Information

For first timers of this hike the parking can be a little confusing. The parking lot is located on Old State Route D and the trailhead is located about a quarter of a mile west on Route 28.

The AllTrails Map shows this accurately incase there is any confusion. Make sure to download or screenshot the map ahead of time because you won't have much if any service at the parking lot.

A second place of potential confusion would be three miles in when you reach the logging road. turn left coming out of the woods and then follow the sign to turn right going back into the woods.

Other than that this hike is mostly straightforward, fun, and totally rewarding so I hope you enjoy it!


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