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Toketee Falls: A PNW Icon You Must Visit

When you think about pacific northwest iconic waterfalls, Toketee Falls is what comes to mind. Toketee falls is one of many features in the enchanting Umpqua National Forest perfect for a quick or long stop on your way through central Oregon.

Toketee Falls Oregon Umpqua National Forest

About Toketee Falls

The word 'toketee' comes from the Chinook Jargon dialect of pacific northwest traders in the 19th century. It's translation is "pretty" or "graceful" and the falls took this name during a 1916 decision.

The falls are 120 feet tall with the main plunge dropping 80 feet and the upper falls descending 40 feet. The upper walls are mostly obstructed by the basalt columns.

Toketee Falls Oregon Umpqua National Forest iphone

North Umpqua River Hydroelectric Projects

The falls are fed by the North Umpqua River which receives a consistent flow of water from Toketee Lake, a dammed water source to provide hydroelectric power.

When you turn off route 138 you'll see one of the PacifiCorp hydroelectric dams along the river and once in the parking lot you'll be struck by the massive wooden aqueduct.

The aqueduct is a peculiar scene and don't be alarmed by the bursting water over people walking to the trailhead and cars pulling out of the lot. It's safe and normal - or normal for this aqueduct I guess.

Toketee Falls Wooden Aqueduct Oregon Umpqua National Forest

About The Hike

The official hike to Toketee is very short, the trailhead goes into the woods and crosses a small stream before meandering along the side of the river embankment and coming to the wooden walkway.

Toketee Falls trailhead Oregon Umpqua National Forest

The wooden walkway is fenced and built into the cliffs and will descend you to the octagonal wooden viewing platform. This was totally unexpected to me and a pretty insane feature of this hike.

Toketee Falls Viewing Platform Oregon Umpqua National Forest

The entire hike is less than a mile round trip and can be done in as little as 30 minutes including time to view the falls from the platform.

Toketee Falls:

Distance: 0.9 Miles

Type: Out & Back

Ascent: 167 feet

Getting to the Bottom of it All

Okay, so there's no official trail to the bottom of the falls but it's feasible if you're in an adventurous mood and don't mind hanging onto some ropes as you climb down a short cliff section.

The unmarked trail can be found at the top of the stairs directly above the octagonal platform. There is a small cut in the fence that you need to duck under and will put you standing on the top of a dusty rocky cliff edge with a rope hanging down.

Grab a hold of the rope and carefully repel down the rocks until you get to the base about twenty feet below. From here there may be another set of ropes but the difficult part is definitely over.

At the base you'll need to hop over a couple of logs before reaching the aqua pool in front of the falls.

Many pictures you see of Toketee are shot from below the viewing platform where the official trail ends so this is the only way if you are looking for one of those shots. It's also an incredible spot to relax on the rock slabs for a while.

Going to the base of the falls is the best way to beat the crowds and have a more relaxed visit here. 10/10 recommend.

Toketee Falls Oregon Umpqua National Forest

Getting There and Important Information

Toketee Falls is located in Umpqua National Forest off of route 138 (North Umpqua Highway). The parking lot can hold around 25 cars max with possible additional parking along the street.

There are outhouse style bathroom facilities at the trailhead but the area remains a carry in - carry out park.

No camping or overnight parking are allowed at Toketee Falls.

Check current information and conditions of the area at the Forest Service website here!

Toketee Falls Oregon Umpqua National Forest

Looking for another cool adventure in the area?

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Still looking to satisfy your waterfall cravings? Watson Falls is located five minutes down the road on North Umpqua Highway and features a 272-foot drop! Check it out here!


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