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The Thundering Falls of Wahclella

Wahclella Falls in the Columbia River Gorge of Oregon are some of the most powerful and forceful falls in all of Oregon. As well as some of my favorite!

Wahclella Falls Oregon Columbia River Gorge Waterfall

About The Hike

Wahclella Falls Trail is closest to Cascade Locks in the Columbia River Gorge. It's a 2 mile loop trail with the furthest point being the falls. You have the choice at a quarter-mile in to go the high path or the low path, my preference was the low path to get some good views of Tanner Creek on the walk in.

The low path descends, crosses Tanner Creek, and follows the creek up about a half-mile before the falls come into view. The trail makes its way through a partial overhanging cavern with lush ferns before arriving at the bridge you see in the first picture.

Wahclella Falls Oregon Columbia River Gorge Waterfall

After crossing the bridge you've arrived at the apex of the loop and are situated in prime viewing area of Wahclella falls.

Wahclella Falls Trail:

Distance: 1.9 Miles

Type: Loop

Ascent: 223 feet

Wahclella Falls Oregon Columbia River Gorge Waterfall

Tanner Creek is the source of Wahclella falls and because it's fed primarily by an underground spring the flow does not fluctuate a whole lot. The waterfall is perfect to visit year-round including late summer and early fall months when Oregon is in drought.

The total height of the waterfalls are 350 feet but the visible portion you see is only 60 feet. Most of the falls are partially blocked by the narrow basalt gorge above.

Wahclella Falls Oregon Columbia River Gorge Waterfall

Getting There and Important Information

A small size parking area is located off of I-84 near Cascade Locks and Bridge of the Gods. If this parking lot is full there is a side street called Star Route that allows parking along the edge.

This hike is suitable for people of most ages with the well built paths and small elevation gains and descents.

No overnight parking is allowed and no camping is allowed.

Unlike other trails in the gorge area this trail does not connect to any other trails in the area.

Wahclella Falls Oregon Columbia River Gorge Waterfall
Wahclella Falls Oregon Columbia River Gorge Waterfall

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