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The Most Epic Waterfall in Mt. Hood National Forest

Ramona Falls Loop Trail is home to one of the most strikingly beautiful waterfall settings in Oregon and has an eventful seven-miles of trail to hike.

Ramona Falls Oregon Mt. Hood Mount Hood National Forest Waterfall

About The Hike

The trailhead begins deep in the backcountry of the Mt. Hood Wilderness with a massive dirt parking area. The trail in is a wide and sandy path for a quarter mile before arriving at a hiker registration checkbox point.

Ramona Falls Oregon Mt. Hood Mount Hood National Forest Trail

Around this point I've seen that you can actually get a first glimpse view of Mt. Hood however this was not likely going to be the case on the thick fog day I had when hiking.

Ramona Falls Oregon Mt. Hood Mount Hood National Forest Fog

Once you get a mile into the hike you'll be confronted with crossing a rushing glacier stream, which, if conditions are similar, will only look intense. The stream on a modest day like the one I had should be easy to cross with rock hops and sketchy log maneuvers.

On a not-so-modest day there is the potential for this to be quite risky. Follow the directions on the signs for proper guidance on safe glacier stream crossings if fording is required.

After a pat from yourself on your back for a successful crossing you'll be tasked with deciding between the left or the right route of the loop to the falls. I went right to go counter-clockwise but doesn't matter in the least.

Ramona Falls Oregon Mt. Hood Mount Hood National Forest Glacier Stream

In two miles you arrive to the sounds of cascading water against moss covered rocks hundreds of feet high and the surreal setting of this high waterfall poking through the tops of the pine trees above.

Enjoy the incredible scenery and photo spots with the log bridge in the foreground, I had a blast shooting different angles while sitting and standing on the railings.

Ramona Falls Oregon Mt. Hood Mount Hood National Forest Waterfall

You'll notice there are a number of primitive camping sites uphill on the trail. I didn't get the chance to camp here since I was headed to Mirror Lake afterwards to camp but this would make one heck of a campsite. I imagine the sound from this waterfall would slip you into a deep dream of a sleep.

On your way out on the Ramona Falls Trail you'll get great views of the exposed cliffs to your right. This hike is long but gentle and can allow yourself to push mileage quickly if that's your goal. From the falls back to the trailhead I averaged a 3.5 mile pace making it back in just over an hour.

Ramona Falls Oregon Mt. Hood Mount Hood National Forest Exposed cliffs

Ramona Falls Trail:

Distance: 7.1 Miles

Type: Loop

Ascent: 1066 feet

Ramona Falls Oregon Mt. Hood Mount Hood National Forest Waterfall

Getting There and Important Information

The trailhead for Ramona Falls is only about an hour and a half from Portland, Oregon. The road goes far back in the Mt. Hood National Forest, only 2WD is required but it will be slow moving for all vehicles to get to.

You'll notice that you get quite close to Mt. Hood from this trailhead which makes it possible to link up to other trails nearby including the PCT and the Timberline Trail.

A Mt. Hood Recreation Pass is required for use of this area and a possible backcountry camping permit may be required if camping by the books.

Ramona Falls Trailhead

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