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A Scenic Stroll: Flume Gorge

This 2-mile self-guided walk in Franconia Notch State Park is a relaxing way to spend a couple of hours and take in some photogenic scenes.

Flume Gorge is a unique geological area that was formed 200 million years ago in the Jurassic Period. The gravel and wooden path will take you over covered bridges, cascading waterfalls, and a series of gorges and pools.

The Walkway

The trail begins at the entrance where you park and from there the whole path is said to take a little over an hour to complete. Closer to two hours for those more interested in the photography aspect.

Once entering the park the walk is a flat quarter mile before making a decline to the first covered bridge on the property. This is one of the oldest covered bridges in the state, a state known for its abundance of covered bridges and dates back to 1886. Bridges at the time were covered due to their trusses being constructed of wood and needing protection from the elements of snow and ice. Towards the mid to late 1800s iron became an efficient and cheaper alternative that did not need protection and ultimately led to the decline of these picturesque structures.

After Passing along the outside of the covered bridge you'll begin a gentle walk uphill which will lead to astream flowing over flat granite rock. Continuing up the side of the stream leads to the base of the chasm.

I visited on what has to be one of the lowest water days of the year (these photos are from mid-September) but looking at other pictures online this stream can turn into a full-blown waterfall.

After walking up through the gorge and around the path that scores the side of the gorge you'll arrive at the main falls and pools with another scenic covered bridge and from there a short walk back to the main entrance.

Getting There and Important Site Information

Flume Gorge is located in the Franconia Notch State Park of New Hampshire. The gorge is open from May 22nd - October 20th and has an admission of $16 per adult (slightly reduced for children). Maps below are for the location and of the Walkway.

Additional Information: NH State Parks: The Flume Gorge

Provided by NH State Parks


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