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Balanced Rocks in the Adirondacks

Have a look at one of the best mountain climbs in the Adirondacks without summiting a 46er.

balanced rocks adirondacks summit sunset high peak views

About The Hike

Balanced Rocks is a summit in the Sentinel Range Wilderness close to Lake Placid, NY. The hike is commonly combined with Pitchoff Mountain for a 7.8-mile out & back type of hike. I've heard reports that there aren't great views at the summit of Pitchoff and with lack of time I was satisfied with making Balanced Rocks my turn around point.

Balanced Rocks & Pitchoff Mountain:

Distance: 7.8 Miles

Type: Out & Back

Elevation: 3493 feet

Ascent: 2132 feet

Only Balanced Rocks:

Distance: 3.2 Miles

Type: Out & Back

Elevation: 2975 feet

Ascent: 800 feet

Summit Fun

balanced rocks adirondacks summit sunset high peak views

Balancing Rocks is popular for its open summit views but even more for the two boulders propped up on the peak. They make for a fun natural playground for kids and adults alike. It's also has west facing views making it a great place to catch the sunset and then run back down the mountain before dark. Bring a flashlight of head lamp just in case!

balanced rocks adirondacks summit sunset high peak views

Getting There and Important Information

Parking for the Balanced Rocks trailhead is located off of RT 73 near the Cascade Lakes and is the same parking areas used for the high peaks, Cascade and Porter. Parking will require crossing the road or a short road walk where extra caution should be exercised. People who frequent this route will know it's a single lane, winding highway with no shoulder for hikers making it dangerous.


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