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Neahkahnie Mountain's Insane Coastal Views

There's nothing like looking at the pacific coastal waves crashing into the beach in layers that stretch all the way to the horizon. This mountain summit will give you one of the best views of that of anywhere along the Oregon Coast.

Neahkahnie Mountain Oregon Coast

About The Hike

The most common route up the mountain is an out and back hike from the southern trailhead. The northern trailhead requires a special forest pass and has possible private property restrictions.

The trail is all ascending on the way up and all descending on the way down (go figure lol!) so get ready to start with some switchbacks. These switchbacks are gradual but don't exert yourself too quickly, they last for 1.4 miles.

After about a mile of these endlessly tedious feeling switchbacks you'll reach an intersection where you can either continue straight or head left. The true summit of Neahkahnie is the path that goes straight. A false summit or lower viewpoint is located on the path that goes left.

I'm not sure why the path to the left exists but it might be able to loop somewhat back around to the actual summit on unmarked trails - I wouldn't even both with it though.

The switchbacks get a little bit sketchier at the top from erosion and just before the summit you'll pop into a rocky clearing and have a quick and steep shot up to the final peak.

There are next to no views along the hike until the summit but it has a great coastal Oregon forest setting.

Neahkahnie Mountain Oregon Coast

This trail doesn't loop back, so once you're done on the summit return the way that you came until you get to the intersection. At this point you could potentially take the trail heading away from the coast and loop back to the parking lot or return the way you came up.

The other trail is technically a mountain road, the same road you park on but turned to something like an ATV road. I wouldn't recommend unless you're trying to explore a new path a bit. There may also be signs stating it's private property too.

Neahkahnie Mountain via Southern Trailhead:

Distance: 2.8 Miles

Type: Out & Back

Ascent: 866 feet

Neahkahnie Mountain Oregon Coast

Getting There and Important Information

The southern trailhead has a small parking lot located up Neahkahnie Mountain Road but many cars park along the side of this road and use the small parking lot to turn around.

There are zero facilities at the trailhead so Leave No Trace (LNT) and carry in - carry out principles should be followed.

The hike can be strenuous especially on a hot summer day. There are zero water sources along the trail nor at the trailhead so it is important to carry water on this hike.

Proper Day-Hiking Essentials are key for this hike - you can view my list here!

No overnight parking or camping are allowed at this location.

Neahkahnie Mountain Oregon Coast

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