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The Everything Guide To Hiking God's Thumb

An incredible hike deserves an incredible name like God's Thumb. The cliffside vista also resembles that of a massive thumb I guess too. See all the details you need to know before going here!

God's Thumb The Knoll Oregon Hike

About The Hike

This is a coastal Oregon hike that includes a variety of landscapes including coastal forest, plains, and hills. There are two main vistas along the hike, the first being an area referred to as The Knoll and the final vista being God's Thumb.

The Parking

The parking for this hike is tricky to understand and is currently being evolved. The AllTrails Link has been updated with the proper parking area however there are a couple spots on the side of the road near the end of NE Sal La Sea Drive that you can try and snag if you go early.

The issue with parking here is that this area is residential and private property and the signs are plentiful. A few spots are legal if there aren't any new signs by the time you visit.

Parking here will eliminate a tedious road walk up from the Voyage Ave parking.

The Trailhead

The official trailhead is located at the end of NE Port Dr where a gate is locked for cars and only hikers can get around. The signs here are clear for the route and follow a wide track road up the hill for a half mile.

God's Thumb The Knoll Oregon Hike trailhead

The Knoll

The first stop in will be the Knoll which you can reach as a loop or an out and back style hike. The Knoll is a look out over the town of Roads End from a grassy plains outcropping. The outcropping is a wide sloped piece of land with a mover track to cut a pathway for hikers.

From here you get great views of the beach and houses that rest below.

The trail heads back into the woods before popping out into a couple of meadows and ascending to the final stretch before God's Thumb.

God's Thumb The Knoll Oregon Hike

God's Thumb

The highest point along the hike is the top of this meadow hill that looks out to the Pacific Ocean and God's Thumb. The trail to God's Thumb from here narrows and descends through a set of trees before you get to the final climb. This last climb is very steep and eroded but there are many foot holds that act as steps.

I actually preferred the views approaching God's Thumb but the entire area is incredible. Even when the crowds set in, the area has plenty of space amongst the grassy fields to hangout and enjoy a nice day on the coast.

God's Thumb The Knoll Oregon Hike

Route Details

There are a few ways to hike and new trails to loop back around are being added to avoid the road walk in place. Check for updates before visiting.

God's Thumb via The Knoll:

Distance: 4.3 Miles

Type: Out & Back

Ascent: 1131feet

Best Time to Visit

You can visit anytime of the year but by the late draught months the plains become mostly dried out and the knolls lose most of their lush green colors that you see in some pictures taken during the spring and summer months.

What to Bring

This hike is substantial and will keep you hiking for a couple hours. There are no facilities or water sources along the trail nor at the trailhead so plan accordinly. The hike is as much exposed in the sun as it is in the forest.

Looking for good reminders of what to bring day hiking? See my 9 Day-Hiking Essentials List for some great tips and reminders.

God's Thumb The Knoll Oregon Hike

Any Fees?

Nope - parking and use of this area is free.


Nope, definitely not. No overnight parking either. Due to private property and the residential area nearby there are a number of signs that say no camping is strongly enforced and charges will be pressed.

Getting There

God's Thumb is located two hours from Portland, Oregon near the town of Roads End and Neotsu. This area is heavily trafficked so your best bet is to arrive as early or late as possible.

This is also ideal timing to avoid midday sun during the summer.

God's Thumb The Knoll Oregon Hike

Hope you enjoyed my everything guide! Be sure to checkout other great hikes and adventures in my Oregon collection!


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